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TikTok Teddy

There's this kid that, like, gets kidnapped and stuff because he is all, like, addicted and stuff to TikTok. So these two dudes try to teach him some stuff. 

Agatha Comeuppance

Agatha, like, had a lot of boyfriends and stuff and she wasn't too nice to them. A life of sin turned her into a recluse in an attempt to run away from her sinful past. She can run, but she can't hide. Lol. 

The Desert Dry

Um, like, there's this desert that has things going on and stuff. And, like, it's fun to sit there and, like, look at it while the sun beats down on your shoulders. 

Atomic Fallout

Okay, so, like, a nuclear war has been declared by a bad dictator. And, like, this guy in this suburban neighborhood is the only one with a bomb shelter, so he invites some neighbors over to stay in it. But, like, things get pretty dicey and stuff. 

Please note: Most videos shown here are placeholders only.  Total respect to the creators!

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